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July 12 to 18, 2022 Times Square, NY

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Sapient Envision, a subsidiary of the Innovare Group based in Accra, Ghana, evolved from Innovare's long-standing commitment to thought leadership demonstrated through a variety of platforms, including seminars, workshops, conferences, and webinars. 0ur vision is to be the leading purveyor of thought around the use, development, innovation, risk, control and advocacy of technology towards inspiring and influencing Africa. Sapient Envision proudly stands as the leading marketing communications agency serving the technology and digital industry.

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Our Thought Leaders are seasoned experts who eloquently convey insights and ideas, showcasing their industry knowledge and expertise. Sapient Envision upholds Innovare's legacy of imparting knowledge and delivering tangible business value to clients and industry stakeholders. Conferences like; The CISO Summit, RISK Summit Africa and Executive Insight are the hand works of this division with 1000s of professionals benefiting.

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